Scene Architects Takes on Dragon Boat Racing for CRASH

We’re thrilled to announce that we at Scene Architects are gearing up for an exciting challenge with a charitable twist. We’re diving headfirst into the upcoming CRASH Dragon Boat race, set to take place on Thursday, 23rd May 2024, at the Surrey Docks Fitness & Water Sports Centre, located on Rope Street in London.

As a team, we’re thrilled to be paddling our way towards making a positive impact in support of CRASH, an incredible charity dedicated to assisting homelessness and hospice projects across the UK.

Join us as we take on the exhilarating waters of the Dragon Boat race, showcasing our commitment to giving back to our community. Spectators are warmly invited to join us at the event, cheering us on and experiencing the excitement firsthand.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a significant difference in our mission to support CRASH’s vital work. By donating securely through the provided link or sharing our initiative with your network, you actively participate in this noble cause alongside us.

As the race day approaches, the anticipation builds. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey, uniting in the spirit of generosity and compassion. Together, let’s make waves of change and demonstrate the power of community support.

Join us and countless others as we embark on this extraordinary adventure. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference—one stroke at a time.

How You Can Help:

Let’s come together and make waves of change!